Ligia Kleber

You’ve heard it countless times from countless self-development and spiritual gurus:

"You should change your mindset… You should be more positive… You should follow your intuition…"

And the truth is you would do it (If they actually told you HOW)…

After all, there seems to exist an invisible ethereal key you can’t grasp, which could potentially unlock your dream life almost instantly…

Who wouldn’t want abundance of wealth… health… and loving relationships?

I am not here to tell you that you should "Just do it".

If you’re here it’s very likely that the cliché advice like "change your mindset" or "think positively" just hasn't worked for you yet, right?

This misguided (but well intended) advice can actually make you doubt yourself… when in fact it’s not your fault.

You can’t just "magically" change your entire being…

However, you can change your mindset "scientifically".

You can learn about field-tested science behind changing your mindset (and implement it step-by-step to change your life)

Logical people need scientific evidence to trust and believe. It is just how they are wired.

So, I’ve prepared a set of proven tools based on proven quantum physics concepts that will enable YOU to understand abstract spiritual concepts through scientific lenses…

Sure, they will work for you if you’re successful already…They’ll also work if you:

In essence - If you feel like you’re missing out on life and not fulfilling your potential… you’re not alone…

You share this trait with many, many people, who’ve been conditioned by western society…

But your current situation can be changed…

Unlike most "law of attraction" or "spiritual courses", I won’t ask you to blindly believe in ANYTHING…

In fact, before you even get started, I’d like to prove that it works – so you won’t have to take the leap of faith before trying it out…

There is enough knowledge in the scientific community that scientifically explains how our brain works at a quantum level.

And the results of this field of physics are outstandingly encouraging to our self-empowerment.

Yet even though this knowledge has been available for decades, no one seems to know about it or even mention it…


Because if you knew about the laws of quantum physics and used them to empower yourself, well… that wouldn’t serve the system.

But this is about to change!

Like you, I used to be sceptical about all these abstract spiritual concepts…

But inspired by a sudden realization that links some weird scientific discoveries on the field of quantum physics to how our brain is wired to function, I applied a ground-breaking, practical twist to my thinking.

I found out how to actually reprogram my subconscious mind to work for me, instead of working against me. And You can do it too…

This one simple twist can revolutionize your approach towards the way you live your life.

Anyone can do it. This little twist will allow you to:

This may sound too good to be true, but it isn't…

Society is suffering from symptoms caused by terrible mindset on a collective (as well as individual) scale…

Poverty, division, pain, wars, pandemic…

If this is not fixed, we will all face grave consequences…

That’s why I’ve launched this cutting-edge method that will blow your mind: all these abstract spiritual concepts will become a logical concrete fact backed up by proven scientific laws.

This information is needed more than never…

The best thing you can do to save the world is to fulfil your own dreams and share this information with others.

Learn about the revolutionary method that teaches you how to rationally understand spiritual concepts through scientific lenses…


The Holistic Mindset is a method for:

Our approach is built around a comprehension of quantum physics concepts that not only support the scientific accuracy of abstract spiritual theories, but also prove them.

The Holistic Mindset method:

These are bold statements, I know, but this is what we will deliver to you when you enroll in our program.

What are the concrete benefits for you once you get access to this groundbreaking knowledge?

You are a human being; chances are, you have existential questions:

These are the questions everyone asks themselves. Even when you try to deny or push these existential questions away from your conscious-mind, they never stay gone for long - they will still come back to bother you. Why? Because you cannot rationally answer them.

Having unresolvable puzzles in our minds create an unsolvable cognitive dissonance. Our minds don’t like living with perpetual cognitive dissonances - it creates noise and confusion. The mind likes having all mental puzzles resolved.

One thing I can assure you: you won’t find answers to these questions through rational thinking. But don’t take my word for it; take Einstein’s:

"I have never come upon any of my discoveries through rational thinking." (We touch on this in our masterclass!)

So where can you find the answers? The answers to your unattended existential questions lie beyond your current logical mindset.

When you incorporate quantum physics knowledge into your mindset’s framework, the result will be a mindset expansion. Learning to expand your mindset is the key to answering your existential questions. Once you learn how to do that, the answers you’re looking for will be instantly accessible to you.

To quote Einstein again:

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Now, you may be wondering: "How can I expand my mindset?"

The only way is to go on a journey within yourself.

Most people don't like doing that.

Why? Because it can get dark and scary when go within yourself.

Chances are, no one has ever taught you how to do that. You may bump into unresolved traumas and regrets from your past. A journey within yourself might create more cognitive dissonances, and that’s precisely why your mind tends to push you away from that level of introspection.

Our method offers you a guiding light for this process.

How? With an understanding of the scientific concepts of quantum physics, you can go in this journey within yourself with a more resourceful, structured, and logical approach.

Life events and experiences that were once unreasonable to you will start making a lot more sense. Once you solve your internal cognitive dissonances, you will be able to:

Use your imagination the same way Einstein did. Try to picture YOU experiencing your own breakthrough moment, reconciling logic andfaith; understanding spirituality through the scientific worldview. You can eliminate all contradiction and internal conflict. Things will all come together in the end.

If you are interested in exploring our method further, please click on the link below:


If you want to understand how the method is structured before moving forward, please take look below:

The Core Concepts Inside The Holistic Mindset Course
Are Split into FOUR PARTS:


A lot is going on that we're completely unaware of…

Your brain shows you ONLY the things it considers necessary for your survival.

Unfortunately for most of us, that's all our brains accomplish for us… bare survival.

The goal of this module is to lay the groundwork for shifting your perception to a consciousness that will let you THRIVE.

You'll learn about:

Module 2: PROOF

Your brain requires a RATIONALIZATION to change the way it perceives its reality.

To put it simply:

You can change your mindset only if you believe in what you're doing.

That's why I won't ask you to suspend your natural curiosity and thirst for truth.

No faith required – this section is all about facts:


Once you're aware of how your mind works, you will need to clear away the beliefs, low vibrational energy, habits, and behaviors that are getting you stuck.

You'll get the chance to review and deconstruct your frozen and outdated worldview and make a conscious choice on which aspects of your personality you'd like to cultivate - and which ones you want to eliminate.

The third module is designed to help you:

Module 4: UPGRADE

This is where everything comes together. It's time to define WHO you want to become… It’s time to design the best version of yourself and embody your chosen version, RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW!

Now that:

The time has come to consciously build the best version of yourself: to your own liking! This part of the whole process is the most fun. You will become a quantum being and develop your quantum powers!

I have made this method extremely affordable, so I can almost assure you that you won’t find another personal development method that would give you half of the information I am sharing for less than double of the price.

I even decided to break down the price of the method in modules, to make each available for you separately with a progressive investment commitment:


Module 1

From US$ 75.00

Special launch offer:
US$ 39.99


Module 2

From US$ 85.00

Special launch offer:
US$ 49.99


Module 3

From US$ 95.00

Special launch offer:
US$ 59.99


Module 4

From US$ 105.00

Special launch offer:
US$ 69.99

The reason we’ve made our pricing available in progressive payments is to make sure everyone can afford access. You can decide as you go along - if and when you would like to purchase the next module.

Not only that, but you are backed by a full unconditional 100% money back guarantee in case you find that the information shared in any of the modules did not meet your expectations.


You have two choices from here:

Option 1 – Walk away and keep living with your existential cognitive dissonances;


Option 2 – Take action and solve your existential cognitive dissonances by learning scientific concepts that will kickstart a mindset expansion and enable you to get the answers you are looking for.

I hope your logical mind can solve this puzzle properly!


Originally structured as a 3-module course, the final framework of The Holistic Mindset method was updated to a 4-module structure. The 4th module contains the actual quantum blueprint that will enable you to consciously design the ultimate version of yourself in this version of the now.

This latest download on the blueprint to embody the best version of yourself (which is uncovered in Module 4), was channeled by Ligia after she had written and launched The Holistic Mindset as a 3-module course.