Are positive thoughts enough to change your reality?

Many spiritual coaches say that you have to think positive thoughts to change your reality. Now, while that’s true at some level, it’s just the beginning of a process. Positive thoughts alone do not have the power to change your reality.

You need to think of thoughts as if they were seeds. When you consciously change the content of your thoughts, you are changing the type of seeds you are planting inside your mind.

Let’s say that you decide to think positive thoughts instead of negative ones. So, as an analogy, instead of planting weeds and grass, you are now growing lilies, tulips, or fruit trees. You are planting seeds that will serve you better.

However, if you don’t water it, fertilize it, or give it sunlight, the seeds won’t flourish, and they will die. Nothing will manifest from the seeds you have planted.

How To Use Positive Thoughts To Create Your Reality

What do you have to do to make sure that your conscious positive thoughts thrive and manifest themselves into your physical reality? Well, the answer is in connecting your positive thoughts with your emotional body. Thoughts are just frequencies, and they don’t necessarily have the density to manifest themselves into our physical reality.

Emotions, on the other hand, are vibrations. When you feel your thoughts in your emotional body, you establish a bridge to create what’s in your mind into your physical reality. You project that information outwards into your physical reality.

And that’s precisely why our current Collective notion of emotional intelligence is not that intelligent. It doesn’t serve us. Controlling and disconnecting our emotional body from our mental body to look rational and emotionally controlled, cuts the potential of our natural tool to use our emotional body into our advantage. Our emotional body serves two particular purposes:

  1. It is our guidance system to let us know if the thoughts we are thinking are negative or positive. We can’t say if the thoughts we are thinking are good or bad for us without the feedback of our emotional body. It is because some thoughts make us feel good and others make us feel bad, that we know which thoughts we should think.
  2. More importantly, the magnetic vibrations generated by our feelings is the real creator of our reality. This means if you are feeling good, you will create more circumstances that will make you feel good. If you are feeling bad, you will produce more events that make you feel bad.

The circumstances you are creating in your outer reality will always be congruent with the way you are feeling, not the way you are thinking. You can empirically observe that in your own life. And therefore, the real key factor in creating the reality you want to experience is in your feelings, not in your thoughts.

Positive thinking is just the beginning

You should pay attention to how you feel more than you pay attention to the content of your thoughts.  Your focus and attention should be in your feelings, not so much on your thoughts.

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