How To Overcome Loss And Grief

Sometimes I get questions like this: What do you do when you miss someone who is not in your life anymore? Perhaps they passed away? Or they just walked away from you. How can I get over a relationship that didn't work out? How can I overcome loss and grief?

So, if you feel like you lost someone or something, this article will help you out. I will guide you on how you can overcome loss and grief.

What Is The Root Cause Of Grief?

In my perspective, you need to become aware of the fact that the root cause of this grief you feel in your heart is the following:

  1. There is an event or an external circumstance that took place in your outer-world. And this event or occasion is contrary to your desire to keep something or someone in your life.
  2. You feel your heart cracking and we activate not only an emotional, but a physical-biological inner experience that feels like our heart cracks wide open, and its old formation and structure start disintegrating. The pain is almost unbearable.

The Heart And Grief

The heart is the organ responsible for the integration of all aspects of ourselves, as human beings. If your heart disintegrates, it causes a rippled effect, and all other parts of yourself seem to disintegrate with it.

Now, this happens at the moment the undesired external circumstance or external events take place. And then you experience a shock-state; the heart disintegrates. It occurs not only on an emotional level, but at a physiological and magnetic level, as well.

However, once the event has passed, its consequences seem stay. And you have no other choice, but to accept the fact that your life is going to be different from now on.

The healing process starts: you begin to restructure your life, assimilating the new information brought to you by the undesired circumstance into your new way of living. You start restructuring and reintegrating that information to move on with your life.

Is Grief Any Good?

We all go through this process of grief. Believe it or not, this is a very beneficial process for us. Change can only happen in two ways: by insight or by this cracking of our hearts when it opens, releasing stagnant energy.

It is a painful and uncomfortable processs. However, every time your heart cracks open, it gains space to restructure itself in a way that will allow your soul to expand more. And at a soul level, that's why you are here on Earth. Your soul wants to expand and grow. This is a very natural process that has the potential to be extremely beneficial for you.

It happens to everybody. It is supposed to happen to everybody. That's what you are here for, through a soul perspective, of course. However, the mind has a very different viewpoint on this subject.

How We Go Wrong With Grief

When an undesired external circumstance happens to us, here's what we do, acting on subconscious instincts:

  1. We keep coming back to it, reliving the situation that is already in our past and it doesn't exist in the present moment inside our minds;
  2. We start playing the storyline that led to the undesired event over and over again;
  3. We start connecting with information in parallel realities to see if we could have done something different, that would have prevented this from happening;

For a long while, this storyline that only exists in your head, will remain activated in your present moment. And you know by now that your present moment is the only real thing that exists in the now moment.

The past and future are only a construct of our minds. Yet, by playing the storyline repeatedly in your present moment, you are recreating more of that for your future. You are prolonging your pain.

You're prolonging your sorrow, your hurt, and your regrets. Because that's what's active in your energetic field, you're projecting more of these undesired painful and uncomfortable feelings into your future.

The torture is not the event itself, but the distorted storyline about the event playing over and over again. And worse, this storyline is a construction of your mind, that is not serving you.

Some people can never let go of the storyline. Ever. They condemn themselves to constantly activate this painful storyline in every single unfolding version of the now moment. Thus, lowering the potential of healing from it, as their future unfolds.

How to Stop The Cycle Of Regrets?

You need to stop the cycle of regrets so you can heal faster in a more comfortable way. Only this way, your heart can reintegrate and restructure its energetic field way quicker.

A good way to do that is by deconstructing the storyline and dissociating the information you are running inside your mind, through your mental body.

It also helps if you dissociate the storyline from the actual pain you're feeling in the present moment, in your physical body. Once the storyline is gone, what is left? The pure energetic charge of pain, hurt, the raw feeling of your heart cracking.

But if there's no storyline attached to it anymore, the pain becomes meaningless. The pain is present and real and is happening right now. But without the storyline, present pain cannot connect with past event.

Things To Do When Grieving

When you dissociate this pain from the storyline running inside your mind, you no longer attach the information to the physical, emotional sensation. And without the storyline, it is much easier to expel the low vibrational charge away from your energy and vibrational fields.

You can dismiss it from your reality and from your experience field way faster, as well.

Once you've discharged your physical and your emotional bodies from this low vibrational feeling, you will notice that when you go back to the storyline, it won't hurt as much.

The charge that you were feeding through re-running the storyline repeatedly in your head is no longer active in your vibrational field. And that's the best strategy I know to accelerate your healing process, after experiencing traumatic losses and unbearable grief in your life!


I hope this information I shared here helps someone out there. I hope it gives you the right mindset to overcome loss and grief. And that it helps you turn your emotions and energy towards personal development, a personal growth mindset, and becoming a better version of yourself.

If you think this information might help someone you love that is currently experiencing loss and grief, please share this article.

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