How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Keep Your Life Together, Even If Itís Falling Apart

I once received the following question from a client:

ďThe law of attraction used to work for me. In 2017, I got a new job and a new boyfriend with the law of attraction. But now, I feel stuck. I want a new job, and I cannot get it and my boyfriend just broke up with me. I can't seem to manifest things as easily as I used to. Why is this happening?Ē

So, I decided to use this question as a background to explain the concept of momentum in your quantum field and its relationship with the law of attraction.

The Concept Of Momentum

Now, you might remember when you studied at school that the momentum of any given macroscopic object is calculated by its mass times its velocity.

p = mv

It's a simple equation that explains that the heavier the object is and the more speed it acquires, the more momentum it gains.

Well, in the quantum field, momentum also exists. When your consciousness creates a positive or a negative expectation for your future, that expectation creates momentum in your quantum field. And through the law of resonance, more events will be created to confirm and reassure your expectation. Thatís what the law of attraction really is.

Now, momentum doesn't care if you would like to experience what you are creating, or not. Your expectations always manifest themselves into your physical reality, regardless if you would like them to or not.

As they manifest themselves physically, they create momentum with it. And similar experiences are gathered by default. Figuratively speaking, it's like a snowball. And what happens when a snowball is rolling downhill, gaining momentum? It becomes harder to revert the damage it will cause when it gets to the bottom of the hill.

Now, coming back to my clientís question: Why was the law of attraction working in her favor in 2017, and now she can't make it work?

The answer to that is that, the law of attraction is always working. It was working in 2017, and it's working now. For her and for everyone.

The real difference between 2017 and now is that, in 2017, she created momentum in alignment with what she wanted to happen for her. And now, she created momentum in the opposite direction of what she wants to happen for her.

So, What Does She Need To Do Right Now?

She needs to focus on stopping the momentum she has created in the opposite direction of what she wants to happen. Once she neutralizes this momentum that is taking her further from where she wants to go, she can try to use the same tools she used in 2017. They would work again, as long as her momentum is pointed in the direction of her desires!


I hope this helps you understand how important it is to assess your current momentum, when you are trying to manifest your desires into your physical reality. If you want to dig further in the step-by-step process to work on the manifestations of your desires, I dive deeper into this subject in this presentation of The Holistic Mindset method. Here I share with you a unique mindset method that combines mental, emotional, spiritual and biological intelligence, so you can live up to your full potential in all areas of your life.

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