Why Is My Family So Toxic?

My family doesn't support me. My family is toxic. How can I change my mindset, if my family can't accept who I am? How can I achieve my dreams if my own family seems to be against me?

Conflicts In Relationships

Essentially, the first step to solve any conflict in relationships is to bring awareness to the fact that you are the sole creator of your reality.

You may say that your family doesn't support you, doesn't believe in your dreams, seems to be against you and that they are the reason for all problems in your life.

However, what you are really saying when you think this way (and I'm sorry if this sounds a little harsh!) is that there is part of you that doesn't support yourself. It means there is a part of you that doesn't believe in your dreams.

There's also a part of you that is against yourself. And your family is just reflecting this part of you back to you, so you can see loud and clear that this is happening inside you.

How You're Creating This Problem From Inside

Thinking conclusive thoughts like "my family doesn't believe in me" "my family is against me" don't serve you at all. As you are thinking these thoughts, you are emitting this problem from the inside out. Nothing can show up in your outer reality that is not congruent with what's going on in your inner-world. This is the law of resonance.

We tend to think that the problem is in other people, and we tend to blame other people for our problems. However, other people cannot be the root cause of our problems. EVER. This is law.

Anything and everything that is happening in your outer-reality is only a reflection of what's going on inside you. The version of other people showing up in your reality is always congruent with your internal beliefs, your thoughts, your feelings, and internal expectations for your own life.

Every single time. This is how you choose, consciously or unconsciously, the version of reality you want to experience. Your mindset chooses which version of other people will show up in your reality.

And then, what is happening here is that you are projecting your limitations into your family. You're transferring responsibility that is yours and only yours, so you can find an external reason to justify a burden that only exists inside yourself.

What To Do When My Family Hates Me

So, how can you solve that, you must be asking me? I want to suggest a very simple solution: you take the focus out of your family and how they are acting and reacting, and you turn the focus inwards, towards yourself.

Start working with your inner-world. Work on your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, and the expectations you have about your own life. Work on that part of you that doesn't believe in your dreams or that tell you that you cannot achieve your goals.

That part that doesn't believe in yourself should be overhauled. Work on self-sabotage, work on the thoughts that promote lack of self-worth, feelings that tell you that you are not enough and that you don't matter.

I promise you that once you get rid of these limiting beliefs and the feeling of unworthiness, you will be in a much better position to achieve your dreams.

And once all that is gone from your inner-world, your family will change like magic. You can test it for yourself! They will start believing in your dreams; they will begin to support you in your actions to achieve your goals; they will become happy for you when they see you choosing to follow your dreams. Because the root cause of your family not supporting you is inside yourself. Once you address the root cause of this lack of support, your family, which is part of your outer reality, has no other option but to conform with the new signal you are emitting.


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