How You Can Access Your Best Version With A Simple Mindset Shift

Our mindset is naturally configured through a logical framework. That means that we use the laws of logic to decode reality. That's how we have been taught to think.

However, such a rigid mindset can keep you from accessing true personal growth, personal development, and being a better version of yourself. In this article, I'll show you why you only need a simple mindset shift to access the best version of yourself.

The Fight Illustration

Suppose you, for example, have a fight with your partner. Your mind is configured to function through the logical framework. It understands that the logical reaction to the fight you just had, is getting upset and frustrated.

Why? Because you just had a fight with the person you love. Isn't that extremely logical? Isn't that how we think?

The Rejected Work Proposal Illustration

Now let's explore another example. Suppose we make a proposal to a client at work, and the client rejects the proposal we made. What is the logical consequence of this rejection?

It will be a feeling of frustration and a feeling of defeat. Because our proposal was not good enough and logically, we transfer this feeling of rejection to our own sense of identity. Logically thinking, we were not good enough when we elaborated the proposal.

Quantum Framework Over Logical Framework

Now, what are you really doing when you think through this logical framework? Because our thoughts and feelings in the "now moment" is what is creating our future, you are setting your inner-world to create more circumstances that will make you feel upset and frustrated.

Future events will have this exact same outcome, spiraling down the vibration of your future timelines. This means setting your internal GPS to tune into lower vibrational future timelines. More fights and more rejections will follow.

How Do You Get Rid Of This Trap?

You need to shift your mindset from The Logical framework to the quantum framework.

Your mind doesn't obey the laws of logic. The laws of logic refer to the physical, material world. Your mind is neither physical, nor material, and therefore it's not ruled by the laws of logic.

Your mind is quantum by Nature. And by applying the laws of logic as a framework for your mindset, you are limiting your potential for your future.

You are tuning into the logical consequence of events, in a self-fulfilling prophecy, which by the laws of quantum physics, is what you will experience. Because that's the expectation you are creating.

When you shift your mindset to the quantum framework, you will understand that you can consciously choose what any given external event will mean to you. You will also be able to consciously choose the consequent reaction you would like to adopt, in line with what will serve you the best, not what is logical.

So, coming back to the first example, when you shift your mindset framework from logical to Quantum, what would happen if you had a fight with your partner?

Instead of accepting that the logical result of this fight is that you're upset and frustrated, you consciously choose what this fight will mean to you and to your relationship.

You can consciously choose that your best option would be to interpret this fight as an opportunity of implementing a new agreement in the relationship, for example. An option that will make the relationship better.

And so, you communicate that to your partner, and you both agree to meet in the middle. The same fight had the potential to make the relationship worse or make the relationship better. And you consciously chose the interpretation that would serve you best.

Every event brings the quantum potential to make your life better or worse. Both possibilities exist in the quantum field of possibilities for your future timeline. You are the one responsible for making this choice. Make sure you choose it consciously.


When you have a Quantum mindset, you deliberately choose the best interpretation and the best reaction you should adopt at any given event, no matter how bad it seems. You choose the reaction that will set you up towards your highest timelines in the future.

I hope this explanation was helpful to you and that it inspires you to apply this tip to your own life. Now you can commit to applying the framework from quantum physics in your self-development.

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