How To Overcome My Fear of Rejection And Learn To Speak My Truth

Learning how to speak my truth and overcome my fear of rejection is the single most crucial breakthrough I experienced in my life. It changed the way I showed up in the world, and it truly helped me to become a better version of myself.

In this article, I will tell you how I learned to overcome my fear of rejection and to speak my truth.

How I Learned To Speak My Truth

Like any other human being, I was afraid of judgement and rejection from people. This fear of rejection made me speak my truth less and less. I was worried that when I shared my real truth, my ideas were going to face rejection.

What Does It Mean To Speak Your Truth?

It is a key skill for any human being to speak their truth. As humans, we get to experience life on earth, through our five senses. We collect a lot of information that is processed by our brain. Our unique perception of reality gives us a unique viewpoint on what this experience here on Earth means for us.

And it is an inheritely basic need for any human being to express this unique perspective outwards. Expressing yourself is the bridge between your inner-reality and your outer-reality. When this bridge is broken, then we experience two parallel realities: our internal reality and our external reality are no longer coherent with one another.

No one has the same perspective as you. That's why your unique perspective matters a lot. More often than not, we're not encouraged to share viewpoints that are too conflicting from the collective standard viewpoint. This discouraging behavior is traceable as far back as the age of the cavemen.

Why do we have fear of rejection?

Back in the day, when humans lived in caves, expressing ideas that sounded too controversial to the rest of the group, was a risky move. Being rejected by your group meant that you were most likely going to die.

If the group left you, all by yourself, you wouldn't be able to survive in such a hostile environment. For this reason, the modern human brain interprets rejection as being risky and potentially life-threatening.

The fear of rejection is so present in all of us that we are afraid to speak our unique truth. Specially if it appears different from mainstream. This fear clashes with the very essence of all our existence, which is to speak our truth.

What happens if you dont learn how to speak your truth?

If you don't learn how to speak your truth, you will inevitably break your energetic alignment. This means that you will experience a fragmented experience: what's happening in your inner world and what you are expressing outwards to the world are two different things.

Without the alignment between your thoughts and feelings and what you are communicating, you cannot experience your highest possible timelines. Your unique inner-experience is meant to be expressed and to enrich other people's experience.

However, to protect your ego, you may find yourself preventing their access to it. But by doing this, you are disconnecting from the one thing that will make your life eternal: the legacy you are leaving to this world.  

How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection And Speak Your Truth

Speaking up my truth was a huge challenge for me. I was afraid of rejection and social judgment that came with speaking up and differently. But at the same time, I struggled with not having peace of mind when I didn't express my inner-experience outwardly.

So how did I overcome this challenge? I deconstructed and dismissed from my subconscious mind the information and energy that rejection and social judgment was harmful to my well-being.

Choosing a new belief to counter my fear of rejection and reshape my mindset, was also important. I told myself that what was detrimental to my health and my well-being was actually not speaking my truth. Not speaking up my truth was breaking my energetic alignment and lowering my vibration.

Once this old and harmful caveman notion of rejection and being judged by society was gone from my energy field, so was the fear of to be rejected. The next time someone left a "You're delusional" or "you're crazy, you should be ashamed" comment for me, it had no effect on me.

The fear was no longer existent in my energy field, and so it didn't resonate with me at all. I began to see such unkind remarks as a true reflection of a person's inner world. It had nothing to do with me at all.

So by eliminating the root cause that activated fear, destructive criticism, judgment, and rejection don't resonate in me at any level.


So that's how I managed to speak my truth and how I ditched the fear of judgment from other people. Learning to do that has brought me personal growth and transformation.

I hope this explanation was helpful to you and that it inspires you to apply this process into your own life!

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