How To Feel Worthy Of Happiness Even If You Have Irreconcilable Regrets

How can you feel worthy of happiness even when you have regrets from the past? Usually, what happens is that you unconsciously believe making a mistake makes you undeserving of love, happiness and joy. And that you deserve punishment instead.

You feel you deserve punishment for your mistakes and bad choices made in the past. None of this is true. It is just your current perception that can be easily shifted if you shine some awareness upon it!

We tend to attach our sense of worthiness to the actions and choices we made in the past. It's our default setting, we are programmed to think this way, and this doesn't serve us at all.

So, in this article, I'm going to tell you how to change your mindset. Changing your mindset will help you detach from the flawed perception that tells you that your sense of worthiness comes from your past actions and choices.

Your Memories And Past

Your past is just a mental construction of your mind. It doesn't exist in "the now moment".

The only reason you can remember your past is that your mind can reconstruct past occurrences through thoughts. If your mind didn't have this function, you wouldn't have access to your past, simply because it doesn't really exist in the present moment.

Memory is an evolutionary function for human beings. It enables us to store information about what happened in the past. That's because, if the same situation happens again, we would have data stored and ready to assess how we should react.

How Your Past And Memories Affects You

But the problem is that, because our memory is a mental construct, we tend to access events from the past in a subjective manner. So, we don't remember the event as it was. We recall our subjective perception of it.

Most people can only remember events in which they made a mistake or chose the wrong choice. They have difficulty remembering the events that they felt joy or pleasure and events that they made the right choice. They get caught up in the cycle of beating themselves over their bad choices and mistakes they made. And then you hear things like this inside your mind:

  1. If only I had done such and such
  2. Why didn't I say such and such
  3. Should I have done such and such

Such thoughts could get you caught up in thinking your life would be better if your choices were different in the past. People who do this are living inside a mental reconstruction. It is a subjective perception of a mistake they think they made in the past, and that has completely messed up their lives in the present moment.

This is an inefficient way to use your mind and your memory because you can't change the past. It is also very unpleasant and hurting. It takes away your power. Know that you can't change your history; you can only act now.

So, you might want to replace the previous statements and ask yourself these questions instead:

  1. What would it take to detach my focus from the mistakes I have made in the past?
  2. How can I start focusing on the NOW moment? (the only place my power really is).
  3. How can I get rid of guilt and get rid of the feeling that I deserve punishment for what I did in the past?

I'll tell you exactly how you can start feeling worthy of happiness again and build a positive personal growth mindset.

How Can You Feel Worthy Of Happiness?

Firstly, you need to build a new concept of "the now moment" for yourself. When you do this, you'll experience your moment from a unique perspective. From this perspective, you will understand that this "now moment" is never a consequence of your past choices.

Understand that you can detach this "now moment" entirely from your past. This "now moment" is all there is, and it is complete in itself. There is no need to integrate this "now moment" into the timeline of your life.

Also, understand that the "NOW moment" is very different from the concept of "present moment". The "present moment" comes with a timeline attached to it. The present moment is a consequence of your past moments and is what is creating your future moments.

Although the deep "now moment" isn't part of any timeline, it is the only tangible thing that exists in your life. So, when you experience now and you detach it from your life's timeline, neither your past nor your future exists. Only NOW! And in the deep now moment, all is always well! You are always worthy and deserving of happiness, simply because you are alive! Because you connect with your "beingness" or existence, not with your actions or inactions.


"When you recognize that there is a voice in your head that pretends to be you, you are awakening out of your unconscious identification with the stream of thinking; You are not the voice "the thinker" but the one who is aware of it." And if you want to dig further in the step-by-step process to work on your inner-perception about yourself and how to be fully present in the "now moment", I dive deeper into this subject in this presentation of The Holistic Mindset method. Here I share with you a unique mindset method that combines mental, emotional, spiritual and biological intelligence, so you can live up to your full potential in all areas of your life.

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