How To Pacify A Turbulent Relationship and Resolve Conflicts With Other People

Relationships are an integral part of our human existence and experience. That is why learning how to manage your relationships is key to personal development. If you have turbulent relationships, you might want to learn how you can pacify them and resolve conflicts amicably.

Maybe you're thinking to yourself: "But I am only responsible for my own actions."That is true, but even truer is the fact that you also play a role in determining how others relate with you.

It all falls back to one fundamental thing: your mindset. As I have learned from Quantum Physics, a lot about what happens in our external world reflects our inner-state. So, it is all about a mindset shift. This article will show you how you can apply this mindset shift to become a better version of yourself, so you can cultivate better relationships.

Fundamental Truths

There are certain basic truths that can change our relationships for the better, if we abide by them. These are truths about what reality is, in essence.

First, you have to realize that everyone lives primarily in their own personal reality or quantum bubble. This is contrary to the general notion that we all share one big objective reality that exists beyond our consciousness' projection.

Secondly, the way you see others in your reality actually merely reflects what is happening in your inner-reality. Since you are the one who creates your own reality, how others show up in it, is also created by you, consciously or subconsciously.

According to Quantum Physics, everyone has many different versions of themselves. Information cannot be created, nor destroyed, and therefore, all versions of everything and everyone already exist in quantum potential. What determines which version of reality we experience per time is what we are projecting, either consciously or unconsciously.

Our external world is an output of whatever we are creating in our internal world. Similarly, the version of other people we experience is a function of our expectations and predispositions about them. Other people can only show up in our reality the way we expect them to. As stated by the law of resonance, they cannot show up in our reality with a dissonant vibration from the vibrational range we are emitting.

To digest these points properly, let me give you an example: say your boss at your new place of work seems to be very rude. The more you see him as rude, the more you will experience rudeness from him.

If you keep experiencing rudeness from him, while feeding your expectation that he will be rude with you, you create an energetic pattern in this specific relationship. If you want to change that, you will have to make a conscious effort to overcome this predisposition. Otherwise, the expectation will guide your interpretation of his actions in such a way that everything he does will seem rude to you.

Now let's say you have a colleague under the same boss who does not have the same expectation about him. You will notice that the person, unlike you, will most likely not experience the boss as being rude to him.

Application In Relationships

To pacify your turbulent relationships, you may have to make conscious efforts to change the way you see others. Try to sustain a more positive mindset towards them and stop negative expectations.

If you begin to approach conflicts more positively towards resolving them, it will eventually make your attitudes better. In turn, it will most likely influence the other party, and there will have a better output.

Instead of focusing on changing the other person, try to go within and change yourself.


We have learned that our inner world creates our external experiences. So, it is now your duty to create good expectations for your relationships and sustain better approaches to conflicts. That is one of your surest bets to living a peaceful life and enjoying happy relationships.

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