How To Stop Being Judgemental?

In this article, I will talk about why judging people might be harming you more than it is serving you. Hopefully I can inspire you to stop being judgemental.

We all have judgments, prejudices, and preconceptions that were installed in us during our upbringing. We are not aware of the fact that beliefs from our environment, culture, national traditions, teachers, and neighborhood shape our present identity.

A large part of what we call our identity is a bunch of beliefs acquired from external sources during our upbringing.

How I Stopped Being Judgemental

Take me, for example. I come from a very intellectual family. I had a prejudice against anyone or anything that would show signs of being shallow and superficial. And I was extremely judgmental on shallow and superficial people! So I never bought brands, I never bought champagne in clubs, I never watched reality shows. Only superficial and shallow people would do that, and I didn not want to be seen as one!

It got so extreme, that would not even go to the gym, because God forbid, that's where shallow people like to meet.

The point is that I used to condemn people who would go to a Chanel store and buy a leather bag, which they probably made out of dead animal skin (another topic for later).

They paid 3,000 euros for the purse, and society would think "oh my god, she is so cool, look at her Chanel purse." I didn't only condemn that individual, but the whole collective behavior would drive me out of my mind.

I used to go nuts thinking "how is this reasonable?" How can society think it is a cool thing? Why is it cool to spend 3,000 euros on a bag that has a maximum cost price of 10 dollars?

I could only see this whole situation as pure madness. I began seeing people who thought they had more value than others simply because they bought an overpriced branded item, as stupid people. And anyway, you get the point, It just really triggered me!

So, how could I stop being judgemental of this shallow behavior?

When I Realized That Judging Other People is Wrong

Not long later, I began to have a personal transformation. I started realizing that the person that was most harmed by my own prejudice and by own judgement was nobody else but me. And it was vital for my own mental health to stop being judgemental.

My bias against "shallow people" didn't stop people who liked being shallow to continue to behave in a shallow manner. It also didn't stop people who valued flashy things, from loving such items.

People who praised shallow and superficial behaviors would continue to value shallow and superficial behaviors with or without my approval or disapproval. The only thing my prejudice and my judgement was doing was preventing me from enjoying life more lightly.

I was always cautious about being judged as a shallow person. The only reason why I was afraid of being judged as a shallow person was because I was judging other people as shallow. My judgment was causing me to fear being judged in the same way as I was assuming. This brings me back to a point I already mentioned in my previous articles: you can only fear something that is active within yourself.

So, realizing I was doing my own self a disservice by being judgemental was a game-changer for me. I had to work on deactivating my judgemental nature. I understand now that if a person wants to be superficial, they have all the right to do so. It is not my place to judge them for their own choices in life.

My power lies in really making the best choices for myself and achieving personal growth. So when I chose to stop being judgemental towards other people for their choices in life, that's when I truly experienced a level of freedom I had never experienced before.

Stop being judgemental

Though you may not have this specific judgement within you now, we all judge people at some point. So, I invite you to reflect on your prejudgments and prejudice against other people, because guess what? It is a sign that a part of yourself needs healing.

When you let go of such prejudices and judging other people, you will experience more harmony, freedom, and personal transformation!

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