Masculine and Feminine Energies: The Key Element To Experience Balance Of Life

Do You Want More Harmony In Your Life? Balance Your Masculine and Feminine Energies

Masculine and feminine energies are two sides of the same coin. We all have both energies inside of us, regardless of our gender.

I believe that we're all going through a collective Ascension process or spiritual awakening. Many people believe that we are experiencing the rise of the sacred feminine energy within ourselves.

For a long time, human beings have been collectively experiencing life on Earth in a distorted manner. And that has led us to experience lack of balance in our lives.

I think this fact has become very obvious by now! The root cause of this energetic distortion is the imbalance between masculine and feminine energies.

To make it clear, I'm not talking about gender issues. Instead, the fact is that we all have masculine and feminine energies inside of us.

Our masculine aspect is responsible for propelling us forward. It takes action, it is focused and proactive, and it gets things done. Our feminine part is rather holistic, reflexive, receptive, calm, centered, and grounded.

In this article, I will talk about the crucial aspect to experience balance of life within and without.

This is so that you can harmonize your vibrational field. Also, you can harness what is needed for our collective consciousness to experience more harmony on our planet.

The Masculine And Feminine Energy

When we (humans) transitioned from living in caves towards building our society, the masculine energy started to gain more prominence over the feminine energy, in our collective perception. We started seeing masculine energy as strong and feminine energy as weak.

Now, this is a distorted perception because both energies are equal in strength. They are both necessary and need to be equally accepted and integrated within ourselves, so that we can experience wholeness.

However, we created a distorted perception that masculine energy is strong and feminine energy is weak. We started becoming highly competitive and wanting to prove we're more powerful than other people.

Our ego started to believe it was separate from the environment. We began dividing our perception into "them" and "us" and started seeing "them" as the enemy, and "us" as the allies. Wars began to happen; a sense of separation rose between us.

All these events are the direct result of imbalancement between our masculine and feminine energies. By becoming too self-centered, we became more detached and smaller than our potential.

Men reject their feminine side. Women also started trying to prove that they can be as competitive, as assertive, and as aggressive as men. From a collective perspective, this is a huge problem we are currently facing.

How To Bring Balance Into Your Life

Everyone needs to relearn how to re-integrate the feminine aspect of themselves. We all need to acknowledge the fact that our feminine energy is NOT the weaker side of us. It is just as essential and strong as the masculine aspect of us.

We need to acknowledge our feminine energy as an essential part of us, so we can experience life in its full potential. And that is what the collective ascension is all about.

It is the rise, integration, and the acknowledgment of our feminine aspect into our experience here on Earth. It recognizes that the feminine aspect of ourselves is as necessary and valuable as our masculine aspect. And balance is not possible without the full integration of our masculine and feminine energies. 

So, I'll leave you with a burning question: how are you treating the feminine aspect of yourself?


I hope this article was helpful to you and that it inspires you to reflect upon this subject. It is essential to integrate more of your feminine energy into the way you experience and perceive reality, if you want to have a full and whole human experience while here on Earth.

Balancing your masculine and feminine energies will help you become the best and fullest version of yourself! And, if you are interested in learning more ways to upgrade your life, make sure you check our method: The Holistic Mindset, by clicking here! We will take you on a deeper journey of self-discovery! You will learn new techniques to upgrade your mindset and become your best version!

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