Quantum Physics And Personal Development

Ever since I started The Holistic Mindset community, I have noticed something quite disturbing. So, in this article, I want to tell you a little bit more about the reason I have started this initiative and what I am really trying to accomplish through this method.

I saw (and I still see) a huge gap between the way we live our lives and the way we wish we would live our lives. And the reason why I believe this gap (between what we experience and what we desire) exists is because we are not connecting the dots.

It is no secret that a lot of people don't attain lasting personal transformation when they go through the personal development journey.

I really believe quantum physics can be a helpful tool in this life-long self-discovery journey, by validating abstract spiritual theories into hard scientific facts.

What Quantum Physics Tells Us About Reality

So, on one hand, we have these spiritual/new age concepts on meditation, intuition, positive thinking, manifestation, energy healing, and all these fantastic tools that are available to us at any given time. But on the other hand, we have real-life concrete obstacles: we've got bills to pay, problems to solve, depression, anxiety, deadlines.

And I feel that most people think it is hard to conciliate this desire to realize their full potential with their current life experience. It seems very dissonant, right?

So, here in the Holimindset Community, I will be using some of my experience and knowledge to help you conciliate these two dissonant aspects that right now seem contradictory. And the way I am going to do that is by sharing how quantum physics knowledge can be used in your personal development journey.

I will be explicitly explaining how quantum physics concepts can solve this puzzle for you and give you concrete tools that make sense to your mind.

Quantum physics knowledge is available to anyone and everyone nowadays. You can google it and find videos about it on YouTube. But the truth is that such explanations can be very complicated. It doesn't help when experts go to the mathematics aspects of it, or when they try to explain the discords between different viewpoints from scientists.

And they leave out what all this knowledge really means to your personal growth journey (or what it could mean) up in the air. I hardly see anyone linking the results of these experiments in the quantum field with how all this knowledge affects our view of the world and the way we live our lives.


I see this massive gap of knowledge and it baffles me because I have researched a lot about it. I have applied it in my own life and the life of some of my clients. I know how potent it can be.

I've seen how transformative it can be, when our collective consciousness incorporates what quantum physics tells us to be true. If we collectively upgraded our mindset from Newtonian perspective to quantum perspective, we would know how to transform our current reality into the reality we wish to experience. All the answers are there in the research that quantum physics' scientists have been doing for decades now!

So, if you are interested to dig further into this subject, make sure you check this presentation out. Here I share with you this unique mindset method that explains exactly how to incorporate quantum physics knowledge into your personal development journey!

Click here to watch the full presentation on how to upgrade your mindset

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