What If I Take A Risk For A Life Change And Regret It

In this article, I will tell you how to take the risk for a life change, even if you are not happy with some aspect of your life right now. It could be a job that is draining you, a relationship that you need to end, or you are tired of living in your hometown, and you want to move to another country.

Or it could just be the yearning for personal transformation, wanting to become a better version of yourself and realize your full potential. Whatever it is, you genuinely want to make a big move and implement a significant change in your life. However, you are afraid you might regret it later.

Let's find out what to do when you are seeking change but are afraid to take the first step to effectively implement it into your life.

What Is The Call For Life Change?

Whenever you feel the desire to just steer your life in a significant manner or direction, it is a call for life change. This call for change is to let you know that you have settled for less than you deserve. It is a call for you to become a better version of yourself.

You have become accustomed to a timeline or a version of your reality that is not your highest timeline. There are more satisfying experiences in your Quantum field of possibilities.

So, because you can't see that, this calling starts getting louder. You'll find it bothering you, and the more you resist it, the more it will bother you. It goes on until it becomes unbearable for you, and then you have to act.

Why Do We Resist The Call For a Life Change

The call for a life change points you in the direction of personal growth. But sometimes, we find ourselves resisting this call. Here are some of the reasons you might be resisting the call to act and become a better version of yourself:

  1. Change can be uncomfortable, and so we may feel more comfortable just staying in our comfort zone. But staying in our comfort zone is not why we signed up for this experience as human beings on earth. We are supposed to experience variety through contrast.

    What is the point of living up to a hundred years if you're just going to repeat the same daily routine? Each day is supposed to be unique and experienced to the fullest.
  2. Today is all there is. Yesterday and the days before it is just a projection of our minds throughout the time dimension. Tomorrow and the days after it are also only mental projections of our minds throughout the time dimension.

Leaving Your Comfort Zone: The Only Way To Effectively Implementing Life Change

Now, if you're just repeating the same daily routines and experiences until the end of your life, you bet this calling for change is going to come. This is because you're here to grow, not to experience the same day over and over again. You need a positive growth mindset!

Change is never going to be comfortable. However, our society tells us that we should seek comfort when our soul is telling us to strive for personal growth.

Your soul gives you the direction for your highest possible timeline. It does this when it creates a desire within you to implement changes in your life and leave your comfort zone behind.

You have the free will to choose to remain in your comfort zone if you decide not to listen to it. Although, paradoxically, when you get to the end of your life, that may be your biggest regret.

What Matters In The End?

When you come to the end of this experience on Earth, what's going to matter won't be how comfortable your life was. What's going to matter is this: How much did you grow as a soul? What legacy will you leave to the world?

So, if you feel the call to change, that can only mean that your soul is guiding you to experience a better version of reality. It wants you to experience a higher timeline in the quantum field of possibilities.

The fear of regret in acting on it will never be as big as not taking a chance. Just settling for comfort instead of personal growth will be a more significant regret when you get to the end of your life.


I hope this article helps and encourages you to choose to propel your life forward by implementing the necessary changes your soul is guiding you to implement.

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