What Quantum Physics Tells Us About Reality

What does quantum physics tell us about reality? Is it possible to use quantum physics knowledge to create a better reality for ourselves? If so, can quantum physics knowledge help us with our personal development?

In this article, I will share with you how Einstein's thought process has helped me to use consciousness projection on designing a better future for myself. And you too, can use the same process Einstein used to create a better future for yourself.

Thought-Experiment And Quantum Physics

How did Einstein manage to discover so many universal laws ahead of his time? How did he state facts about the universe that seemed crazy at his time, only to be confirmed by the scientific community decades later, when they had more sophisticated tools to prove Einstein's theories?

Well, Einstein himself explained that he used a methodology called thought-experiment. He mastered this technique.

Einstein explained his thought-experiment methodology through the projection of his consciousness outside of his body, in order to experience a specific event from different points of views and foreign vantage points. Did you know that you have this power too?

We all have this power. Our consciousness is not locked inside our physical bodies, as we were led to believe. Our consciousness is capable of being projected to any viewpoint we wish, in the time-space dimension.

That's how we can remember our past, even though it doesn't exist in the physical realm. It is just a mental projection of our consciousness.

The same happens in the future. When we are remembering our past or planning our future, we are projecting our consciousness throughout the time dimension. However, we usually do that in an unconscious manner.

How Can We Use Consciousness Projection to Create A Better Future For Ourselves

When you consciously project your consciousness into the future with the deliberate intent to create a better future for yourself, you are consciously choosing which future timeline you would like to experience as you move towards the future.

Now most of us do that unconsciously. We don't deliberately project our Consciousness into the future, aiming at the best possible outcome. Or at the version of the future that we would like to experience, in line with our deepest desires.

Instead, we project our consciousness into the future in an unconscious manner. We worry about future problems we might face, fearing the worst-case scenario, anxious about the uncertainty of possible outcomes And this is a huge disservice to ourselves.

Why Is Projecting Our Consciousness A Vital Part Of Our Lives?

The projection of our consciousness into our possible future timelines is an essential tool. It points towards the direction of the version of the future we wish to experience, amongst many possibilities in our wave-function of possibilities.

What this means is that we have the power to deliberately choose the version of the future we would like to experience. Through the projection of our consciousness, aiming at a specific version of the future, we can choose consciously or unconsciously which future events we would like to experience.

The GPS Analogy Of Our Consciousness

An excellent analogy for you to visualize what I'm talking about is comparing our consciousness functions with a GPS. You are at a given location in the time-space dimension, which is your Here and Now moment.

Your future is the wave-function of possibilities. The way you choose your final destination, just like in a GPS, is by simply selecting your final destination. And the GPS automatically calculates the best route for you to get to the final destination you have chosen.

You are the one deciding which version you would like to experience. If you don't consciously choose which version you would like to experience, your subconscious-mind will choose it for you.

Future events never happen by chance. They are just responding to your choices. You are either consciously using your consciousness or, in case your conscious-mind doesn't choose deliberately, your subconscious-mind will gather information stored from your past experiences and choose according to the available data stored in it. It then selects the version of the future it thinks is best for you.


How do you want to create your future? Through the deliberate conscious projection of your consciousness or via your automatic subconscious programming? The choice is always yours. I hope this explanation was helpful to you. Hopefully, it inspires you to apply this tip into your own life so that you can be a deliberate designer of your future experiences.

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