Why Life After Death Is A Scientific Proven Fact

There is one experiment in the field of quantum physics that proves that Life After Death is a scientific fact. This experiment has proven that there is a non-material aspect of reality. 

Now it is hard for the scientific community to admit that! It would mean a tremendous paradigm shift in the methodology of the scientific approach for research.

In this article, I will share with you the one scientific experiment that proves that reality has a non-material aspect. And therefore, it proves that there is life after death or life beyond our material bodies.

The one experiment that proves life after death is a fact is called quantum entanglement. So, let us find out what quantum entanglement truly is and why it proves that life after death is a scientific fact!

What Is Quantum Entanglement

The phenomenon called quantum entanglement was first identified when scientists measured the spin of two particles. They were initially connected in the time-space dimension and separated at one point in time.

They noticed that, when you rotate the spin of one of the particles, the other particle reacts to the alteration that happened in the first particle, simultaneously. Even when scientists separated the particles by millions of miles apart, the alteration in the spin of one particle would cause a simultaneous alteration in the other particle.

Now, according to the laws of physics, this is impossible. Why? Because nothing can move faster than the speed of light in the time-space dimension. Absolutely nothing. The speed of light (300,000 km per sec) is the leading edge velocity of the time space dimension.

So, how can this information be instantly transmitted, faster than the speed of light? Well, the only possible explanation for this phenomenon is that information does not reside in the time-space dimension.

Now, if you add to this conclusion the fact that information is massless and therefore does not occupy a position in the time-space dimension, we can conclude that information does not obey the rules of the time-space dimension.

So what is information? If it does not belong to the time-space dimension, where does it come from? Information seems to exist beyond the time-space dimension, and, therefore it is non-material by nature.

That's why information is transmittable faster than the speed of light. It does not break Einstein conclusions that nothing can move more quickly than the speed of light in the time-space dimension, because information does not seem to dwell in the time-space dimension.

Is There Life After Death?

Now, what does all this mean to your life? It means that information from your thoughts, emotions, physical body, all the information you produce thorughout your existence, is non-material in nature. So there is an aspect of your reality that is non-material. It is an aspect of you that science knows nothing about, even though science itself has proven its existence.

And through the law of conservation of quantum probability, information cannot be produced nor destroyed. As it does not belong to the time-space dimension, cannot be created nor destroyed. So, I ask you, where does the information you produce throughout your life go to, after your death? If it can not be created and can not be destroyed, it must go somewhere beyond the time-space dimension.

The most probable explanation is that information dwells in a higher dimension. That would imply that time-space dimension is derived from this higher dimension where information resides.


There is more to your existence than the current scientific approach can decode. Perhaps, it is time for the scientific method to incorporate this knowledge that they have themselves produced.

I hope this explanation inspires you to look for more information on quantum physics because it is truly a mind-blowing world. If you want to go deeper on how the laws of quantum physics can help you upgrade your mindset and unleash your potential, make sure you check our method: The Holistic Mindset, by clicking on the link here!

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