Why Should I Focus On My Alignment Instead Of Taking Massive Action?

I believe in taking massive action in the external world. However, I do so only after working on my energetic inner-alignment first.

The Collective Mindset On Taking Massive Action

In the 19th century, Sir Isaac Newton came up with three laws of motion to explain the mathematical relationship between 3 entities: time, space, and matter.

Essentially, he told us that when you apply a force in the body manifested as matter for a given period of time; you will have motion in our three-dimensional space. We used his conclusion to shape our mindset.

We currently believe that if we make some effort through Massive Action for a given period of time, we will have results in our 3D physical reality. This is the current Collective mindset we all have. Although this is a scientific conclusion from the 19th century, we still think this way.

However, science has evolved quite a bit since then. After Newton, we had Einstein with his theory of relativity. Then we had a whole bunch of developments in the field of quantum physics. We got exposed to newer ideas and knowledge, but none of this knowledge has been incorporated into the framework of our mindset.

What Quantum Physics Tells Us About Reality

So, what did Einstein and quantum physics bring to light that can potentially change our mindsets and mental framework? Quite a lot. We should be thinking in a completely different manner, and our current mindset framework is entirely out of date.

In summary, we can conclude now that our inner reality is creating our outer reality, through the law of resonance. And that what is happening inside of us gets projected outwards. So, we cannot experience an external event that is energetically out of resonance with what is active inside of our internal vibrational field.

How Your Inner Reality Affects The Outer World

No matter how much effort you put into making something happen in the outer world, it cannot materialize if you don't activate the same vibrational signal inside of you. Therefore, it is vital to understand your inner world and how it is creating your outer experiences.

If you hope to experience your highest possible timeline and the highest possible versions of your reality, you must pay attention to what is activated within you. This is why I keep saying, turn the focus from the outer-world to your inner-world. Instead of focusing on the actions you take, focus on who you are becoming in this process. Why? Because your "beingness" - who you are, is far more potent in defining which reality you will experience than your "doingness."

What determines the success of your actions is not the actions themselves, but the reason for taking the steps you are taking. Two people can take the exact same set of actions, follow the exact protocol and processes, and yet have two very different results.

Why do you think this happens if all it matters to achieve the results you want is the amount of actionable effort you are putting into it? Why isn't it the same for everyone?

According to Newton's laws of motion, the result should always be the same. So why doesn't that happen in our human experience? Because there's more to this equation than being solely focused on massive action and effort.


So now you know why focusing more on alignment is more valuable than taking massive action. I hope that this inspires you to reflect on this subject. And by doing so, you stay committed to making your personal growth and personal development a reality. In no time, you will become a much better version of yourself.

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