Why You Still Feel Unfulfilled After Achieving Huge Milestones In Life

Sometimes people wonder if there's a difference between achievements and fulfillment. In modern society, we've established that fulfillment is a natural consequence of accomplishments in life.

In such a way that, we believe that the more achievements you accomplish, the more fulfilled you will feel. This connection is flawed, and it's a mere constructed narrative of our capitalist system. In reality, fulfillment has absolutely nothing to do with achievement, and you will see why in this article.

Why Achievements Don't Always Mean Fulfillment

Piling up achievements after achievements don't always mean you will feel fulfilled. Achievements are the realization of your goals in the external world.

On the other hand, fulfillment is the harmonic experience in your inner-world. If you live like most human beings on Earth, you most probably dissociate your external world from your internal world.

When you don't let your external achievements permeate your inner world, you won't experience fulfillment when you achieve milestones. This happens because the energetic bridge that connects your outer world and your inner world is broken.

Because you do not feel fulfilled with your achievements, you will look to the external world for more ways to achieve better, bigger goals. And you believe that once you get bigger and better results, then you will experience fulfillment.

That's never the solution. You will never experience fulfillment and personal growth by searching outwards for bigger achievements. This is because fulfillment is an internal experience.

What To Do To Feel Fulfilled

Feeling fulfilled is an entirely independent process from your external achievements. In fact, you can experience fulfillment right now, with the life you already got and the achievements you already accomplished.

By turning your focus from the outside world to your inner world, you can feel grateful for all your achievements and all you have. Gratitude is more of a tool and less of a feeling. It is arguably the best tool you have to experience fulfillment. The more you connect and work with your inner-world to feel fulfillment in the now moment, through the law of resonance, the more you will create new circumstances in your outer world that will reflect back to you the fulfillment you are already feeling.

All this will bring you more fulfillment because you are activating the feeling of fulfillment within yourself, and that's going to be projected outwards. Also, you will see your achievements become a natural consequence of your internal alignment and your inner-fulfillment.


So instead of seeking achievements to make you feel fulfilled, the best strategy is the exact opposite. You feel fulfilled, and your achievements will come as a natural consequence of your harmonic internal state. If you want to dig further in the step-by-step process to work on your inner-perception about yourself and how you can practice fulfillment, I dive deeper into this subject in this presentation of The Holistic Mindset method. Here I share with you a unique mindset method that combines mental, emotional, spiritual and biological intelligence, so you can live up to your full potential in all areas of your life.

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